Once your transaction has been funded by your lender and the transaction is recorded at the county, your transaction is closed and we will disburse your proceeds via mail, wire transfer (your bank may charge you), or you can pick up your check at our office. When you sign your documents with escrow, you will indicate in writing which way you wish your funds sent to you.

Would you like your check via courier?

If you would like your check sent to you by courier, you will be charged approx. $20-40 depending upon the courier company and time of day the check is delivered.

Would you like your proceeds by wire?

Important: at Legacy Escrow, wire transfer cut-off time to SEND proceeds is 2:00 pm Pacific Standard Time, subject to Federal wire regulations, procedures and Holidays.   I f you decide that you would rather the funds be wired instead of picked up at our office or mailed as you previously instructed escrow, PLEASE call ahead of time (no later than 2pm) to allow time to wire funds—subject to our work load. Calling at 3pm or later will not help you.

If you elected to have escrow mail your check, please allow two-three business days for the postal service to deliver your mail.

If your closing takes place on a Friday, particularly at month end, your check is placed in the mail after the close of business (5-6pm) which is well after post office final pickup. Under this scenario most mail is picked up on Saturday and you will receive your check the following week.

Will you pick up your check or get it in the mail?

ALL PARTIES MUST ENDORSE THE CHECK!!!! If your check is remitted with two names on it such as Bill Buyer and Betty Buyer, BOTH must endorse the check. If you do not do this, your check WILL BE REJECTED.