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Frequently Asked Questions


What does Closing mean?

Closing is when your documents are formally recorded at the County office and funds are disbursed.  This is normally a day or so after you signed your paperwork.

Where do I sign my paperwork?

Where ever you’d like!  We come to your home, work, or favorite coffee shop.

When do I sign paperwork?

Escrow will contact you to make an appointment within a few days prior to closing.

What to bring to signing?

  • Non-expired Gov. ID (drivers license, passport, Gov. ID)
  • Cashiers Check (if required)

When do I get my new home keys?

Once your transaction is closed you will make arrangements with your Realtor or old owner.  Escrow normally does not have access to your keys.  Congrats!

Someone is out of town. What happens?

Not to worry, provided we are notified WELL prior to closing.  We will arrange for an absent party to sign paperwork out of the area or state and Fed Ex or UPS documents back to escrow.

“Welcome.  As an authentic high caliber independent escrow firm we welcome you and look forward to serving you and creating a stress free escrow closing of your sale, purchase or refinance transaction.”  


– Tim & Lynlee Kane,Owners  




Team Member – Brenda Vandenbrink & Family

Brenda is a veteran 23 yr escrow professional who spent 15 yrs at the Law Firm of John Wagner Escrow in Seattle and the last 8 yrs + here at Legacy Escrow Service, Inc.

With broad knowledge and years of experience, Brenda reflects joy in helping people navigate transaction work from the routine to highly complex.   She has her signature on thousands of transactions during her career.   We are very fortunate to have her walk into our office and join us.

“A genuine people person, Brenda is selfless and exemplifies the spirit of having the heart of a teacher.   What people don’t get to see is how hard she works behind the scenes in bringing all the moving parts in a transaction together for a successful closing.” – Tim Kane, Owner