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Our Story: 

Legacy Escrow Service, Inc. was established in the fall of 2003 in Snohomish County.  With Sept 11, 2001 attacks still vividly fresh in the soul of America, businesses and the economy were in flux.  With Tim’s experience as a small business owner in real estate and General Contractor we went “all in”  in the escrow business.  Lynlee was introduced to the Escrow business ten years earlier in 1992 by Tim’s contacts through real estate and lending so Escrow was not new.   The business was built without adding debt.  That philosophy of little to no debt while working in a debt driven industry is very unique and different.   

Both owners are heavily involved in the daily transaction management.   We are small but big on experience and have the heart of a teacher.    With thousands of closed transactions over our career you can rest assured that your transaction will be handled professionally and that you can sleep well knowing your escrow transaction is placed among the very top financially sound escrow firms in Washington State.   It matters.

Management Info: 

 Tim & Lynlee Kane (Owners/Gen. Manager)

 Company Profile:

In short Legacy Escrow is…..

 Serving Principled.

The principle of serving is vastly different than just routine service.

It’s going beyond traditional assistance by making the recipient feel special or providing service that is noticeably beyond expectations in assisting our customers and clients which results in a positive outcome.

Value Centered

Many businesses spin the great service mantra.  The question is, “did they deliver value or just market a value proposition that fell short.” At Legacy Escrow Service, you receive tangible and meaningful value. It touches every client and customer from the buyer and seller to the Realtor, loan officers, and allied real estate professionals.

  • Our fee structure is simplified and not based upon the outdated sales price model. It’s based upon bonafied work at a price point that benefits everyone.
  • We have the integrity to focus on quality transactions to reduce unproductive time spent on suspect deals that increase risk and rob valuable time from our core customers.

Customer & Support Driven

Being available, flexible and responsive is smart business. At Legacy Escrow the support our clients receive is first rate.

  • After hours signings for those with needs: healthcare staff with tough schedules, the infirm, elderly,etc..
  • Support for your clients always go beyond closing. We are routinely giving support well after closing and in particular, during tax season.