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Escrow closing services in Snohomish and King counties is made easier by Legacy Escrow Service.   A broad based level of real estate experience allows the owners of Legacy Escrow to tailor the closing procedures, transaction management, time lines and customer experience that results in a positive outcome.   While it is quite cumbersome to cover all the details, a brief itemization below covers what is most meaningful:

Ownership started with the end in mind:  How would we like our own escrow to be handled?

Lynlee and Tim (owners) have drafted purchase and sale agreements as licensed agents and have reviewed scores of contracts over the years as owners of Legacy Escrow.  We know intent of the parties and strive for a smooth closing.   Our allied real estate and mortgage pro’s know we have been in the trenches.  Further, based on our experience, we know when we receive suspect transactions or inaccurate information that can rob valuable time from our core customers.   We have closed our own purchases at large Title Companies and our service is far more personalized, accurate and value driven.

Escrow our way:  

You will meet with the closing escrow staff or ownership who ACTUALLY are working on your transaction.   In contrast, when you close at a Title Company you will be met with a hired Notary who comes in and signs many people on a given day.   That’s fine if you want to feel like you are at the local DMV getting car tabs and just signing stuff, but seriously!   If you ever have a question don’t be surprised to get the “deer in the headlights”  look and the phone call circus begins.  At Legacy Escrow, we intentionally have you signed by the people actually doing the work.  It matters who you see last in your transaction.


Escrow is intended to be neutral.  While we have been approached over the years by industry players to join forces it was more important to us to retain what escrow is intended for: neutrality.   Therefore we refrained from ownership interests by real estate brokerages, mortgage companies and title insurance companies that immediately create inherent conflicts of interest.  Not to mention the inherent “transaction management” of “my transaction is priority” over others.


Sadly, this should be the top priority of people seeking out escrow services, but it is not.   Trust comes from the TOP.  It means doing the right thing by being a good steward of people’s money.  We can receive and move millions in any one day and none the next.  Real estate is a business that is debt driven.  Ownership at Legacy Escrow runs a debt free business.  For both personal and professional reasons it matters to be debt free.   People who are experiencing financial problems have a higher likelihood to do things that are not honest.   We are also independently audited by the Washington State Dept. of Financial institutions and we have to pay for the audit (which sucks and is patently wrong in our view and a topic for another day).

Flexibility & Experience:  

Ownership has been in the business since 1994.   We have been through serious market corrections and come through them solely due to the business being debt free.   Our current senior closing staff have years of experience ranging from a minimum of 15 years to 25.   Flexibility is equally important.   Today’s schedules are tight and our customers have unique needs that cannot be shoehorned into 8-5pm typical day.  Besides, Seattle/Bellevue traffic sucks.  We sign clients at the convenience of their home, office, Starbucks, Hospital, University/College, Grocery Store, a parking lot, Seattle Mariners game, Crystal Mountain Ski Resort or local jail.  Yes, we’ve signed customers at Jail.

It’s my home!  NOT MY “Deal”:  

At Legacy Escrow this is not a “deal” it is a transaction that should be handled with care.   The real estate industry needs to change their cultural language in how they treat your sale.  Deals are for car dealerships, Offer Up, Craigslist, etc.