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Manufactured Home Sales

Legacy Escrow closes Manufactured home sales and is one of the best resources that many manufactured home parks turn to for questions including Realtors who are involved in a mobile home transaction.

Transaction Characteristics:

  • Generally involves leased land the mobile home resides upon
  • Many Mobile Home Parks have approval and denial authority for a new resident
  • Does not involve Title Insurance
  • Transfer of the mobile home title is completed on Washington State forms similar to an automobile
  • Can be financed although lenders are more scarce
  • Many are purchased cash
  • Can close in a matter of days, not weeks or months like a traditional home sale

Buyer Fees: (As of Jan. 2016)

  • $146 Title Transfer Fee
  • Prorated Lease
  • Prorated Taxes through end of year
  • Escrow fee of $272.25 (includes sales tax)

Seller Fees:

  • Prorated lease (usually a credit)
  • Prorated Taxes
  • 1.78% Excise Tax on sales price
  • Real Estate Commission (Varies)
  • Escrow Fee of $272.25 (includes sales tax)

Mobile Home Sale transactions are usually routine, but can become more complex when dealing with lost titles, Estates, recently deceased owners, or others acting as power of attorney on someone’s behalf.  For lender or private repossessions:  these are situations in which we  provide proper forms and assist you in navigating through these scenarios.

Contact closing agent Lynlee Kane for more questions and assistance at 425-337-7200.